Dog Fouling and Waste Bins in Crayke

Despite regular reminders we are still experiencing littering and dog fouling around parts of Crayke. There is no excuse for dog fouling, and not only is it unpleasant it also represents a health hazard to people, pets, livestock and wildlife.

Crayke PC and Hambleton DC have provided 5 litter bins and 8 dog waste bins around Crayke village. The majority of dog walkers do responsibly clean up after their dogs, but the minority who don’t should be aware that dog fouling is an offence under British law, and is classified as anti-social behaviour on the part of the dog owner, and may be subject to conviction and fines.

Anyone witnessing dog fouling can report this to either the Parish Council, Hambleton District Council (using this link: or using the police non-emergency phone number 101.

A map is provided here to remind everyone of the locations of all litter and dog waste bins. Please click on the link below:

Crayke Seats and Bins