Reporting Potholes – How you can help

Reporting potholes and other road and Highways problems

Most road users are aware that the roads in our area are in a generally poor condition, made even worse by recent weather. Crayke Parish Council is very aware of this problem and of the concerns of parishioners. Not only is the matter discussed at most council meetings, but the council regularly takes action to take these concerns to North Yorkshire County Council Highways, who are responsible for all but major Trunk roads and Motorways.

However there are also things that all of us can do to help, by reporting problems directly to NYCC Highways. Here is how:

If you know of a pothole or other problem which is considered an emergency (that is, an immediate danger to road users) then you should telephone and report this. The number to call is 01609 780780 and ask for Highways. Outside office hours you should call 999.

Any pothole or road condition issue that is not considered an immediate emergency can be reported either by telephone as above, or can be reported online.

To report a road condition problem online, go to this web page:

You can either register as a user (and set up your own free user account), or you can report a problem anonymously.

It is a great help when people report such problems themselves, as this ensures the information provided is from first hand experience and therefore likely to be more accurately reported.

Thank you.

Colin Merritt (for Crayke Parish Council)