Footpaths and Rights of Way

Walking in and around Crayke Parish

Crayke benefits from a network of footpaths and rights of way through our splendid countryside. These provide a valuable contribution to our health and wellbeing. They also carry responsibilities on behalf of both walkers who use them, and farmers and landowners on whose land they pass. Footpaths are a compromise between our rights to exercise and healthy enjoyment of our surroundings, and the need to conserve the countryside, its ecology and wildlife.

The vast majority of walkers know and respect the Countryside Code, but on occasion there have been problems, such as gates being left open, posing a serious risk to livestock. Some walkers wander away from the rights of way, and some allow dogs to wander out of their effective control.

The Parish Council continues to work with our local farmers and landowners to help keep these important routes open for all to enjoy, but we also need the help of walkers in sticking to the rules and spreading the word to others.

The document below gives important information on where you can walk, and useful advice to walkers and farmers alike. Please read and familiarise yourself with this, so that we can all continue to enjoy our walks.

For a definitive map on public rights of way in North Yorkshire, follow this link: NYCC Footpaths


For information on footpaths and legal aspects see this document:

Footpaths and Rights of Way in Crayke Parish Oct 2022


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