On this page you can find key documents of interest on various subjects, including

  • Planning
  • Council Policies

The Crayke Parish Plan, 2005 

The Crayke Parish Plan was developed after a consultation with the residents of the village, and completed in 2005

Parish Building Guidelines
As one significant output of the Parish Plan, this document sets out criteria which should be taken into account in any new building development  to preserve the character and heritage of Crayke. For the full document click here 

Parish Appraisal
As part of an ongoing process to update and refresh the Parish Plan, we undertook a parish appraisal, inviting parishioners to comment on items they would like to see done.
One action that resulted from this was to conduct an assessment of the environmental quality of Crayke Parish, titled the ‘Crayke Natural Heritage Assessment’.
A consultant was commissioned, supported by funds from the Howardian Hills AONB, and his assessment summarised in a report, which can be viewed here:  Crayke Natural Heritage Assesment 2019.

Council Policies

Data Protection – the Council’s policy about our use of personal data is set out in our Privacy Notice: Public Privacy Notice

Operational – the following documents set out how the Council will run its meetings and administration