This section provides details of Crayke Parish Council Finances, including the annual accounts which include all the individual transactions for the year.

Latest Financial Position

Financial Report for 30th April 2024

Financial Report for the year 2023/24

Annual Audits

Government legislation lays out an annual Audit process which all Parish Councils have to follow. There is a set of standard documents (called the “AGAR”) which have to be used and published once the Audit is complete.

The Audit is based on a year ending on 31st March with publishing deadlines in July for our AGAR and September for the External Auditor’s report, if there is one. In the July publication period parishioners have a statutory right to request to examine the Council’s accounts. However, our accounts are available at any time so this is merely a formality.

There are a number of elements to the annual audit: a Return (the AGAR) completed by the Council which consists of a Governance and an Accounting Statement and a review and report by an independent Auditor appointed by the Council (called the “Internal” Auditor) plus, occasionally, we may also be reviewed by the government appointed Auditor (called the “External” Auditor) whose report would be added to the AGAR.

Year 2023/24 – No external audit was required


Year 2022/23 – No external audit was required

Year 2021/22 – No external audit was required

Year 2020/21 – No external audit was required

Year 2019/20 – No external audit was required

Year 2018/19 – No external audit was required

2018-19 Certificate of Exemption
2018-19 Internal Auditor’s Report
2018-19 Annual Return
2018-19 Bank Reconciliation and Variances
2018-19 Notice of Rights

Year 2017/18 – No external audit was required

2017-18 Certificate of Exemption
2017-18 Internal Auditor’s Report
2017-18 Annual Return
2017-18 Bank Reconciliation and Variances
2017-18 Notice of Rights

Year 2016/17

The Internal Auditor’s report noted a number of concerns to which the Clerk responded.
Below are the Return, the reports and the Clerk’s response to the Internal Audit. Note that the External Auditor’s report is written onto page 4 of the Return.
2016-17 Audit – Internal Auditor’s report
2016-17 Audit – Return including External Auditor’s report
2016-17 Audit – Clerk’s response to the Internal Auditor’s report

Year 2015/16

Annual Return for the year 2015/16 (this includes the Auditors’ comments)