Coronavirus updates

In view of the serious and constantly evolving situation, Crayke PC will publish news and advice as it appears.

This post updated 6th June 2020:

  • The Crayke Coronavirus Community Support Group is now in place
    A leaflet was posted in all properties in Crayke over last weekend, with a list of who to contact.
    In particular a special mobile phone is available to call or text.
    We have around fifteen primary contacts in the group, some with backup helpers, ready to help with shop runs, prescription runs or simply to call and chat.
    So if you live in Crayke and need help, or know someone in Crayke who needs help, and don’t have a copy of the leaflet, then please contact us via our contact page.
  • Parish Council news: At our last meeting, held in 17th March just before the current coronavirus lockdown situation, special measures were agreed in line with advice from Government and the Local Government associations (NALC and YLCA). The measures allow us to hold meetings remotely. Hence, until further notice, Council meetings will be held using Zoom video conferencing. The meetings will be open to the public.

Other news

  • Crayke Open Gardens event (18-19th April) has been cancelled
  • Also due to the latest policy on no gatherings, the annual Crayke Litter Pick (Saturday 4th April) has been postponed until further notice. Walkers might like to continue picking up litter on their walks, but please avoid the busy roadsides.
  • The Crayke Annual Parish Meeting was previously scheduled for Tuesday 5th May, but it is now proposed that this is postponed until 2021 in accordance with Government advice (to be raised for confirmation at next Parish Council meeting).
  • A community support network is in place for the vulnerable and those in isolation in our community. This is a collaboration between the Church, the Parish Council, the Sports and Community group and others. Please look out for further details, or contact us directly.
  • North Yorkshire have set up a website “North Yorkshire Buy Local” to help residents find local businesses and tradespeople open for business during the coronavirus restrictions –

Other information

Latest Government advice on coronavirus may be found here

Latest NHS advice on coronavirus may be found here

Advice and information from the Health and Safety Executive is given here

Citizen’s Advice service:

Dog Fouling and Waste Bins in Crayke

Despite regular reminders we are still experiencing littering and dog fouling around parts of Crayke. There is no excuse for dog fouling, and not only is it unpleasant it also represents a health hazard to people, pets, livestock and wildlife.

Crayke PC and Hambleton DC have provided 5 litter bins and 8 dog waste bins around Crayke village. The majority of dog walkers do responsibly clean up after their dogs, but the minority who don’t should be aware that dog fouling is an offence under British law, and is classified as anti-social behaviour on the part of the dog owner, and may be subject to conviction and fines.

Anyone witnessing dog fouling can report this to either the Parish Council, Hambleton District Council (using this link: or using the police non-emergency phone number 101.

A map is provided here to remind everyone of the locations of all litter and dog waste bins. Please click on the link below:

Crayke Seats and Bins

Reporting Potholes – How you can help

Reporting potholes and other road and Highways problems

Most road users are aware that the roads in our area are in a generally poor condition, made even worse by recent weather. Crayke Parish Council is very aware of this problem and of the concerns of parishioners. Not only is the matter discussed at most council meetings, but the council regularly takes action to take these concerns to North Yorkshire County Council Highways, who are responsible for all but major Trunk roads and Motorways.

However there are also things that all of us can do to help, by reporting problems directly to NYCC Highways. Here is how:

If you know of a pothole or other problem which is considered an emergency (that is, an immediate danger to road users) then you should telephone and report this. The number to call is 01609 780780 and ask for Highways. Outside office hours you should call 999.

Any pothole or road condition issue that is not considered an immediate emergency can be reported either by telephone as above, or can be reported online.

To report a road condition problem online, go to this web page:

You can either register as a user (and set up your own free user account), or you can report a problem anonymously.

It is a great help when people report such problems themselves, as this ensures the information provided is from first hand experience and therefore likely to be more accurately reported.

Thank you.

Colin Merritt (for Crayke Parish Council)

Crayke Conservation Area

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Conservation Area designations, councillor Lesley Hartley explains something of their background and the value of Crayke conservation area.

Read more

Protection of the village green on Church Hill, Crayke

The grassed area on Church Hill between the highway and the property boundaries (on both sides) is a highly valued and much loved open space, loved by residents of Crayke and by visitors alike.
Crayke Green1     Crayke Green2

The fact that this Area remains in such good and visually appealing condition is a testimony to the efforts of the people of Crayke over many decades. The open area on Church Hill is also protected by various laws and regulations. From time to time the Parish Council decides to remind parishioners and visitors to Crayke about these regulations and asks for help in protecting the green.

Attached is a letter recently sent out to all residents on Church Hill, although the points made all apply to all residents and visitors to Crayke.

Letter to Residents of Church Hill_website version